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March 05, 2021

Integration of Real-World Patient Data Streams in Decentralized Clinical Trials is Focus of New Partnership

A new partnership between Medable, Inc. and Seqster has emerged that will allow for real-world patient data streams to be integrated with decentralized clinical trials. This will afford health care providers with a more holistic view of patient health which will provide greater trial results. The new system will improve the way in which researchers access patient medical records and will make it easier to recruit and consent trial participants while maintaining the privacy and integrity of PHI. This in turn will furnish patients with a more user-friendly experience in which they can access and track their health data both during and after the completion of the trial. This program is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which will enable secure delivery of EHR documents directly to regulated trial management systems and allow eConsent-based visualization of participant data.