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January 14, 2021

Former Federal Agent Indicted in South Florida in Illegal Oxycodone Distribution Scheme

A federal grand jury for the Southern District of Florida indicted Alberico Ahias Crespo, a former Special Agent with HHS OIG, and three other individuals with conspiring to traffic oxycodone, tamper with witnesses, and obstruct justice and with substantive counts of witness tampering.  Crespo’s co-conspirators have been charged with trafficking, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice crimes related to an illegal Oxycodone distribution system involving patients, pharmacies, and medical clinics.  Patients were recruited and sent to medical clinics to obtain Oxycodone prescriptions that they did not need.  Once the patients obtained the prescriptions, they would give them to recruiters in exchange for money.  Recruiters would fill the prescriptions at certain pharmacies and sell the Oxycodone pills (at a mark-up) to third party street dealers. Crespo’s role was to monitor the investigation into the operation and coaching the co-conspirators on answering the investigation.