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December 10, 2020

San Diego Doctor Selling COVID-19 "Miracle Cure" Charged With Lying to U.S. Customs, Stealing Employee’s Identity

Dr. Jennings Ryan Staley of San Diego, CA, has been indicted on charges of impersonating one of his employees to obtain hydroxychloroquine, making false statements to investigators, and importing what he believed was hydroxychloroquine smuggled out of China. Staley allegedly agreed with a Chinese supplier to smuggle hydroxychloroquine powder into the U.S., and allegedly lied to U.S. Customs by mislabeling a shipment as “yam extract.” His kits were priced as high as $3,995 for a family of four, while Staley himself paid approximately $1 per tablet of hydroxychloroquine. Staley is also facing a federal mail fraud charge for selling a false COVID-19 cure.