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December 17, 2020

Sackler Family Members Testify Before House Oversight Committee Amid Pressure

David and Kathe Sackler, two family members who served on Purdue Pharma LP’s board, and Purdue Chief Executive Craig Landau have reportedly agreed to testify before the House Oversight Committee under pressure from Democratic Chairwoman, Carolyn Maloney. Initially four members of the family, including Landau, were invited to testify, however declined. After many “consultations” Sackler lawyers and committee staff concluded on two family members agreeing to testify. Landau is expected to address the steps Purdue has and will take to address the opioid crisis. Lawmakers and attorneys general greatly oppose the deal as it has failed to hold the Sacklers more accountable and though the new public benefit company will not be controlled by the Sacklers, it will still sell OxyContin. The hearing was scheduled to take place on December 17.