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November 20, 2020

OCR Settles Eleventh Investigation Related to HIPAA Right of Access Initiative

OCR has announced that it has settled its eleventh enforcement actions related to its HIPAA Right of Access Initiative. Dr. Rajendra Bhayani, a private practitioner specializing in otolaryngology in New York, agreed to take corrective actions and pay $15,000 fine. OCR’s investigation of Dr. Bhayani arose from a complaint from an individual alleging that she had made requests for her medical records from Dr. Bhayani but had not received her records. OCR had provided technical assistance to Dr. Bhayani in July 2018 related to a complaint from the same patient but then received a second complaint from the same patient in July 2019 that she still had not received her records from Dr. Bhayani. OCR determined through its investigation that the failure to provide the patient her records was a potential violation of the right of access standard.