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November 20, 2020

CMS Names Nursing Homes Completing Complimentary CMS COVID-19 Frontline Training and Calls for Other Nursing Homes to Complete the Training

On November 17, CMS released training data on Nursing Home staff completion of CMS’s complimentary COVID training for frontline staff at nursing homes.  CMS specifically recognized 1,092 nursing homes where fifty percent or more staff have completed the training.  Further, CMS reported that only 125,506 individual staff members of the nation’s nursing homes, approximately 12.5% of total staff members, have completed the COVID training.

The CMS COVID training contains five training modules for frontline staff and ten modules for nursing home management officers, directors, and managers.  While completion of the training is left to the nursing home’s discretion, the training is freely available and CMS offers a self-assessment tool for managers to decide which modules to assign or complete.