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October 09, 2020

Bad News for HEROES Act Proponents

On October 1, the House passed a revised economic stimulus package, dubbed by some as “Heroes 2.0.” The COVID-19 relief package is designed to provide relief for businesses, local governments, and health care facilities struggling to survive the economic fallout from the pandemic. The proposal contains $2.2 billion for DOD and military services, and an additional $613 million for VA’s costs related to the pandemic. Of the $613 million allocated to VA, $338 million would go towards operating expenses for the disability claims backlog and education claims processing, $100 million to support VA’s response to COVID-19 at state veterans homes, $4 million to VA’s Board of Veterans Appeals, and $45 million to help modernize VA’s education claims processing system. However, as President Trump has terminated negotiations with House Democrats on passing another COVID-19 relief package before the election, it is unlikely this stimulus package will be enacted.