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September 18, 2020

HL Well-byte for the week: Meditation and Body Awareness

HL Well-byte is about taking time to care for you. When you take time for yourself, you are actually creating new space physically, mentally, and emotionally to recharge and reinvigorate. In each HLbytes issue, we offer simple and quick activities that you can perform at your desk. No gym membership. No workout clothes. No travel. Just you-taking a few minutes a day to care for you. Check out this week's HL Well-byte:

The concept of body awareness refers to the internal understanding of the body in space and in movement. As children, we develop body awareness or body IQ by engaging in games such as Simon Says and jumping, climbing, running, and playing. Studies show that enhancing body awareness is a key element for therapeutic mind-body approaches such as yoga and TaiChi.

Although this meditation session and body scan are tailored to children, adults can still benefit from enhanced body awareness.