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March 13, 2020

Virtual EMI 2020 Conference

Virtual EMI includes cutting edge CLE programs developed by the planning committee of our Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law Conference. Take advantage of our On-Demand EMI CLE programs below.:

Please note that our webinars are a mix of free and paid CLE webinars. Government, academic, and student members is always complimentary.

Thank you for your membership and commitment to the HLS. If you have any questions about our future programs, please contact our Section Director, Simeon Carson ([email protected]).

Mobile App instructions:

  • To download the Section’s mobile app, ABA Health:
    Go to:
  • Enter the email address corresponding to your Health Law membership
  • Login instructions will be sent to you via email
  • If you already have downloaded the Section’s mobile app, please follow the following instructions. 1) Download iPhone UsersClick here | ANDROID UsersClick here 2) After logging on (your username is your email address), tap the green "ABA Health" Icon in the upper left to update the app with any new content. 3) Tap the green arrow pointing down, to the right of ABA Health eSource in the heading, then select Bonus Programming.