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February 27, 2020

Two Physicians Convicted in Separate Cases for the Unlawful Distribution of Opioids

On February 21, the DOJ announced convictions of two physicians accused of unlawfully distributing opioids.  In the Southern District of Ohio, Morris Brown, a physician from Dayton, Ohio, admitted to distributing opioids in amounts and for periods of time that were inconsistent with the legitimate practice of medicine, despite red flags that suggested the patients should no longer be receiving those types or quantities of medications. The DOJ also announced that Richard Farmer, a psychiatrist from Memphis, Tennessee, was convicted by a jury in the Western District of Tennessee of three counts of illegally distributing a controlled substance.  According to the DOJ, the conviction of Dr. Farmer related to charges that he distributed opioids without a legitimate medical purpose to three sisters who each showed clear signs of opioid addiction.