January 17, 2020

Wisconsin Board of Pharmacy Submits Final Draft Rule For Patient Counseling Requirements

On January 3, the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board (Board) met to review the state clearinghouse report and public comments on proposed draft rule governing pharmacy practice.  A key component of this review was related to the Board's proposed requirements for verbal patient consultations.  A previous draft of the patient counseling rule would have required that patient counseling “be communicated verbally unless in the pharmacist’s professional judgement it is not in the best interest of the patient or the patient’s agent or is not practicable.”  At the January 3 meeting, the Board revised the language to reflect that consultation “shall be communicated verbally when in the pharmacist’s professional judgment it is in the best interest of the patient”.  The Board framed this change as moving from a requirement for a pharmacist to "opt out" of verbal consultation to a requirement for a pharmacist to "opt in" to verbal consultation.  It is also important to note that the Board’s draft rule allows for this consultation to occur before or after the delivery of the prescription to the patient or patient’s agent.