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February 07, 2020

Hospital Corporation of America Purchase of Frisbie Memorial Hospital Receives New Hampshire Attorney General Approval

For-profit Nashville-based Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) will not be blocked from acquiring non-profit Frisbie Memorial Hospital (Frisbie) in Portsmouth, NH, a deal first announced in January 2019. HCA will purchase Frisbie’s assets for $67 million through its subsidiary, FMH Health Services, LLC. Because Frisbie is a nonprofit health care charitable trust, the balance of proceeds from the sale will be placed in a new community foundation created through the merger. Some concerns have been raised as to how this purchase will impact the quality, cost and access to care for the 88-bed community hospital. However, both HCA and Frisbie officials have committed to expanding access to the underinsured and uninsured people who presently comprise twelve percent of the Frisbie patient base, continue Frisbie’s ambulance service, expand behavioral health offering, and make certain capital investments in the hospital.