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November 15, 2019

Wisconsin Considers Adding Gabapentin to List of Monitored Drugs

The Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board (CSB) issued a notice on November 8, announcing its intention to amend the regulations under Wis. Admin. Code § CSB 4 to designate gabapentin as “a monitored prescription drug with substantial potential for abuse.”  Although gabapentin has a number of legitimate medical uses, it also has an increased potential for misuse, as it can enhance the effects of other drugs, including opioids.  The CSB notes that gabapentin, when used in conjunction with opioids, can significantly increases “the risk of respiratory depression and opioid-related mortality.”  While the proposal requires gabapentin prescriptions to be reported to Wisconsin’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, the CSB’s plans do not call for scheduling gabapentin as a controlled substance, as has been done in Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.