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November 07, 2019

New Bill Seeks to Increase VA Standards for HR Positions

The VA is experiencing severe staff shortages, with more than 40,000 vacancies across the agency.  The OIG and GAO believe these understaffing and retention issues have attributed to broader patient problems.  While the VA is in dire need of nurses, psychiatrists, and other medical staff, they are also short on non-medical staff, particularly human resources personnel.  Because human resource practitioners oversee hiring processes, it is essential that the VA recruit and retain excellent HR staff to prevent bad hires and ensure high quality care.  A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress last week seeks to reform hiring practices among HR staff.  The bill would require the VA to establish qualifications and performance standards for each HR position.  Supporters of the legislation hope the bill will promote high standards throughout the VA to provide the nation’s veterans with the quality of care they deserve.