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June 27, 2019

The Current Status of Infertility Treatment for Veterans

In Infertility Services for Veterans: Policies, Challenges, and Opportunitiespublished in June, 2019, the authors seek to identify the hurdles the VA must overcome to improve access to infertility care for veterans. The article reports that infertility is an under-diagnosed and under-treated disorder among veterans and their spouses. In self-reports, veterans indicate that they suffer from infertility at rates similar to the general population (13.8% for male veterans and 15.8–19% for females), but most do not indicate that infertility is an issue when asked by their doctor. The authors call for increased funding for reproductive health research and creating equitable legislation and policies for infertility coverage for veterans.  These legislative efforts and policies will create a unique opportunity to study infertility care and coverage for the veteran population and illuminate options for prevention and care for a broader population.