November 01, 2018

Feature Friday - Joe Geraci - November 16, 2018

Welcome to Feature Friday!

Happy Friday to all! Today we have the great pleasure of intorducing you to one of the Co-Chairs of the Washington Health Law Summit, Joe Geraci.

Through more than two decades working with healthcare clients, Joe has come to respect their sense of purpose, passion and mission. When Joe began his legal practice as in-house counsel for a psychiatric hospital system, he dealt firsthand with the challenges of healthcare operations that his clients face daily. While physicians, hospitals and health systems focus on healing, Joe sorts through the nuts and bolts of hospital operations to help his clients make sense of the industry’s complex regulations. He is board certified in healthcare law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and brings this in-depth background to his legal and business solutions.

Joe’s clients have come to rely on him to help resolve payment and reimbursement disputes and answer their compliance questions. He has created models to integrate physicians into larger healthcare systems and has guided hospitals and health systems through the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions.

  Joe is pictured fishing with his son, John.

Joe is pictured fishing with his son, John.

Q: What do you like about being a lawyer? 

Joe: I really enjoy helping people solve complicated problems.  I also enjoy working with other lawyers – despite the bad press, lawyers are really interesting people.  I’m really blessed to be at a firm with such talented lawyers, and to have the opportunity to work with some really innovative clients.

Q: Why health law? 

Joe: I was attracted to the complicated regulatory scheme.  I was waffling between health law and energy law as a young lawyer (both are highly regulated) but health care was a better fit for me.

Q: What is one piece of advice that was given to you and has stuck with you? 

Joe: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? 

Joe: A tent, a good knife, and a mirror. 

Joe at the Spartan Race “The Beast” in Dallas this year.

Joe at the Spartan Race “The Beast” in Dallas this year.

Q: Tell us about the Washington Health Law Summit. 

Joe: It is my favorite conference of the year.  The location (the Ritz) in DC in December is special.  And the program itself is always great.  It’s a good combination of policy and cutting-edge topics with plenty of opportunities to meet the regulators whom we work with so much. 

Q: If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why? 

Joe: I’m boring – a dog.  

Q: Tell us about your funniest family holiday story. 

Joe: With six kids, there are plenty.  But one of my favorites was Thanksgiving at the beach in Port Aransas Texas with some of the extended family.  There were about 13 of us – 9 of which were under the age of 14.  We had a very chaotic Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant.  The kids were on one end of a long table and the adults on the other.  After dinner, as we were ordering dessert, I noticed my 6-year-old, Genevieve, at the other end of our long table softly crying.  I walked down to her and asked why.  Her reply “I didn’t get any food!”  She had two desserts that day, which we refer to as the “Thanksgiving that Forgot Genevieve.”

Q: Why should people attend the Washington Health Law Summit? 

Joe: It’s an excellent opportunity to meet the individuals in government who make health care policy. 

Q: How do you define success? 

Joe: There is no one definition.  For each client and for each matter it can different.  For me success means developing positive relationships with the clients I serve and the individuals I work with.

Q: What are three things on your bucket list? 

Joe: Summer in England.  A trip to Greece.  A trip to Israel. 

Q: What was your first job and what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Joe: I mowed grass.  I really wanted to be an astronaut.  I still do.

  Joe having dinner with his kids.

Joe having dinner with his kids.

Q: What do you like most about the Washington Health Law Summit? 

Joe: I really enjoy its policy focus, and I love DC at that time of year.

Q: If you could uninvent one thing, considering the consequences of uninventing it, what would it be and why? 

Joe: Social media.   

Q: Tell us about one of your proudest moments. 

Joe: There is not any one moment that stands out – I love seeing my kids succeed in school and sports.  And as I have gotten older, I really enjoying seeing success come to the younger lawyers I am lucky enough to mentor.

Q: What do you like about co-chairing the Washington Health Law Summit Planning Committee?

Joe: The opportunity to work with my amazing co-chair, Juliet McBride, the fabulous ABA staff, Nancy Voegtle, Paige Rodenberg, Rachel Blakley, Simeon Carson, Jason Billups, and Carol Simmons, and my fellow committee members.

Q: Tell us about an embarrassing moment in your life. 

Joe: Well, there was the time I was interviewed on TV with my fly down….

Joe and his wife, Amy.

Joe and his wife, Amy.

Q: What do you like about being part of the Health Law Section? 

Joe: The opportunity to build relationships with health care lawyers around the country.

Join us at the Washington Health Law Summit on December 10-11. As the future of healthcare takes shape, it is essential that attorneys and other professionals serving healthcare organizations are up-to-date on the latest legislative and policy developments. Learn about significant healthcare initiatives emerging from key agencies including HHS, CMS, DOJ, OIG and other key government agencies.


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