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Managed Care Litigation Update

Are you struggling to stay on top of new case filings and trends in managed care litigation? Let us handle that for you. Managed Care Litigation Update® ("MCLU") is an electronic publication that summarizes federal court filings involving managed care disputes between Patients and Providers versus Payors. Read by hundreds of health lawyers nationwide, MCLU serves as a ready resource to track trends, follow particular insurer/provider controversies, and observe industry developments from a high level, aiding in the assessment of litigation and/or underwriting risk. MCLU is published bi-weekly. Each quarter-ending issue contains key statistics on cases filed during the quarter, enabling subscribers to see where cases are being filed, the types of cases being filed, and which major health insurers are involved.

MCLU is authored by Jonathan M. Herman, who has spent most of his legal career representing large health insurers, plan administrators, and self-funded health plans in managed care disputes. 

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Each subscription to MCLU allows distribution to a maximum of three attorneys, plus one non-attorney within a single geographic office. To purchase a subscription, please click here.

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