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August 24, 2022

Letter from the Editor: Farewell

Marla Durben Hirsch, Esq.

The year 2005, the year that I was hired to be Editor of The Health Lawyer, seems like long ago. Just think:

  • George W. Bush was president
  • YouTube and Reddit were launched; Microsoft released Xbox in the United States
  • Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall
  • The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act was enacted
  • PPACA, FERA, and the HITECH Act did not exist
  • Million Dollar Baby won the Oscar for best picture
  • Time’s ‘Man of the Year’ were ‘The Good Samaritans,’ notably Bono, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates

The Health Lawyer was a short newsletter that published sporadically; the ABA Health eSource had not yet been created.

How times – and our periodicals – have changed these past 17 years!

The Health Lawyer celebrates its 40th birthday this year; eSource turns 14. They are thriving, renowned, and venerable publications, providing important reporting and analysis of health law from a unique vantage point.

Our articles have been cited in law review articles, other publications, and court documents. At least one article has shaped health law. They have won multiple Burton awards for legal writing excellence from the Library of Congress. The last year the awards were held, we won three out of the 30 bestowed, an amazing achievement.   

Unfortunately, my tenure as Editor for the Health Law Section is coming to an end this month.

I wish to take the opportunity to thank several special people.

First, to the four health lawyers who recommended me for this position back in 2004: Paul DeMuro, Hal Katz, Charles Key, and Kirk Nahra. I have never forgotten.

To then-Section Chair Tony Patterson and Section Director Jill Pena, who hired me and provided much-appreciated encouragement as I settled into the role.

To my fabulous former and current Health Lawyer and eSource Editorial Board Members, who have volunteered countless hours of their invaluable expertise and guidance. The publications would not have been successful without you.

To our many authors, who have spent significant time and effort to write insightful, educational, and cutting-edge articles on health law and chose to submit them here for publication.

And of course, thanks to you readers, who over the years have eagerly looked forward to and read the periodicals, and who have reached out to me and to authors with your thoughts and feedback. The Health Lawyer and the ABA Health eSource are for you. I hope you continue to enjoy them.

I am proud and humbled to have served as your Editor. It has been an honor, privilege, and pleasure. I hope that our paths cross again.

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