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September 27, 2023

Chair's Column

Get Out and Have Some Fun!

By Adrienne Dresevic, The Health Law Partners, Farmington Hills, MI

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As I sit down to write my first chair’s column, I am reminded of the close and deep friendships I have with many fellow Health Law Section members and leaders. These friendships have come into existence over the last 18 years (or so) because of my involvement in section activities. I am not alone in believing that a major benefit of being a Health Law Section member is connecting with fellow healthcare lawyers and professionals all around the country at the section’s live conferences and meetings.

One of my fondest memories from past section events is sitting around a makeshift campfire outside of the hotel pool grounds in Arizona at the Emerging Issues Conference (EMI) about 16 years ago. It was the very first EMI that I attended. That night, I met many new friends who I am happy to call my friends to this day. Many of them would go on to chair the section or take on various other leadership roles within the section. There may have been “some” imbibing that night, and there was a surprise appearance from a “scary” black cat. Those who were there that night will know what I am talking about (Clay, Jay, Jennifer, Conrad, and Simeon).

There have been many more outings and gatherings over the years, including traveling the country to meet up for football games, golf, tennis, dinners, and after-hours shenanigans.

I am very grateful for all these memories and for these life-long friendships. Not a week goes by that I do not pick up the phone to catch up with a friend I have met at a Health Law Section event to discuss an important emerging health law issue, trend, or case. We often refer matters to each other, and if we are lucky, we may get to work together on a case.

This is why I want to encourage all of you to get out, have some fun, and learn something new by joining me at one or more of the Health Law Section’s upcoming events in Chicago, Washington D.C., and New Orleans. Each event has its unique educational content offerings, but all these events will be an opportunity to meet some new friends.

Please join me:

I look forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels!

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