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June 26, 2023

Chair’s Column

Thoughts on branding with a purple pitching glove to build your practice

By Kathy Poppitt, King & Spalding LLP, Austin, TX

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We often hear how important it is to establish your brand as an attorney and build your network. I have promoted these ideas in my columns. I understand that these can seem like abstract concepts and difficult to incorporate into your daily life and practice, but for all of us, there are so many benefits to branding and networking.

Last week, my husband Ed and I were watching the college baseball Super Regionals, cheering on our beloved University of Texas Longhorns against Stanford. Unfortunately, the Horns were felled by the Stanford tree, but the star of the game was the purple and pink glove of the Stanford pitcher, Quinn Mathews. He had such a fabulous night pitching that it was hard not to be impressed.

However, his glove played the starring role. According to Mr. Mathews, now a senior at Stanford, he donned the glove this year after not getting as much attention from the MLB as he wanted last year. He recognized that regardless of his skills, he needed a way to stand out from the crowd. Thus, the purple and pink glove. I know that I am not the only one who will remember him as not only a great pitcher, but the one with the purple glove.

While I am not recommending that you don outstanding clothes, shoes, or hats (although I will not dissuade you from this either!), it is interesting to consider how you may differentiate yourself from the crowd of the many attorneys that are in our field. We are all competent at what we do, so how to stand out? How are you unique? Your answers to these questions can make a difference in your future.

I pride myself on being very responsive and timely for my clients and giving them practical advice that works in the world in which they are operating. I encourage my clients to consider a risk continuum: If you take this action, there may be more risk for this or that. If you take this other action, the risk may be less but the work on your end may be less comfortable. This type of analysis and practical advice is what my clients receive from me.  I would love to hear your thoughts on how you distinguish yourself. What is your purple glove?  

Please know that the HLS leadership is here to facilitate your involvement in the Section and that you can call on us at any time. I look forward to working with and talking to each of you over the next bar year and look forward to any feedback or suggestions you have.

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