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What is Health Law?

The “What Is” series is an interactive series of webinars designed for law students, young lawyers, and others seeking to learn more about a career in health law and the healthcare industry. These one-hour sessions are designed to introduce you to the fundamental nuts and bolts of this exciting and ever evolving area of the law.

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New Lawyers

What Young and New Lawyers Need to Know about Healthcare ADR

Does your section have events for new lawyer members? Does your liaison want to tell new lawyers all about your group? How can your group help new lawyers succeed? This position is a great place to get your message out!

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Nuts & Bolts for the Federal No Surprise Act

The panel addresses the sources of surprise billing, legislative responses (including newly enacted federal legislation to take effect next year), strategies to protect both patients and providers, and what role alternative dispute resolution is playing - and could play - in this arena.

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Articles for New Health Law Lawyers

Top 10 False Claims Act Developments in 2021

The Department of Justice (DOJ) reported more than $5.6 billion in False Claims Act (FCA) recoveries in fiscal year (FY) 2021 – the second-largest annual total in the Act’s 158-year history. But there’s more to the story: one half (1/2) of that haul comes from a single settlement (Purdue Pharma opioid marketing), where the government’s receipt of any settlement proceeds is contingent upon uncertain bankruptcy proceedings. When stripped away, what is left is a recovery number ($2.8 billion) more in line with the figures from recent years.

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Defining 'Referral' in the Anti-Kickback Statute

The Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) is one head of healthcare law’s “three-headed monster” to prevent fraud and abuse. In the medical industry, kickbacks create four concerns: (1) corruption of medical judgment, (2) overutilization, (3) increased costs to healthcare programs and beneficiaries, and (4) unfair competition. These concerns can easily materialize when providers have a financial incentive to make a referral.

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Just Win Baby? Ethical Considerations and Litigation Tactics in High-Stakes Cases

Following a victory in the 1984 Super Bowl, Al Davis, the notorious owner and long-time general manager of the Oakland Raiders, coined a motto for his team: “Just win, baby.” While he intended his remark as a jab at then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle (who had praised the Raiders’ opponent in presenting the championship trophy), in many ways it spoke to the ethos of the team. The Raiders were well known for tactics that were not always in accordance with NFL rules, but justified bad behavior on the basis of their superior record — in other words, winning was what mattered at the end of the day, no matter what the rules might say.

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