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Health Law Section

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Attorneys/Associates can join the section now for only $65! Law students can join the section for free!

The value of Section membership

As a member, you can build your professional reputation while you pursue your interests – write, teach, lead, lobby, and learn.

Share Your Expertise

Share Your Expertise

Build your personal brand. Volunteer to work on a Section project. Get featured in a book or in one of our three periodicals. Share your expertise on a podcast, in a webinar, or speak at a conferences.



The Section offers a variety of opportunities for you to foster lifelog career and personal relationships through the connections you will make during Interest Group participation, at in-person conferences, and through our publishing opportunities.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

The Section annually appoints over 200 Section members to a diverse assortment of leadership positions and at various levels of participation allowing you to participate in thought leadership exercises at a level that you are most comfortable.

Interest Groups

The main work of the Section is done through its Interest Groups (IGs). These groups advise the Section of important new issues and events in its area of interest and assist the Section on policy positions and in providing comments on regulations and proposed legislation with respect to matters within its area of interest. They also provide opportunities for participation by Section members, by creating a forum for interaction and networking by IG members in the area of shared interests.

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Voices in Health Law

A podcast of the American Bar Association Health Law Section reflecting the diverse industry voices of the healthcare bar. An episode is released every other Tuesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and More!

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