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November 01, 2016

Networking & Engagement

Provides an opportunity for those in similar roles to network and engage.

Government Attorneys

The Government Attorneys Interest Group provides networking and engagement opportunities, programs, publications, and online resources for lawyers whose practice and/or interests lie at the intersection of government and healthcare. Membership is comprised of Health Law Section members with an interest in or experience working with or for governmental healthcare entities on the federal, state, tribal, local, or territorial jurisdictional level. This IG serves as a resource for these attorneys by providing a mechanism for sharing best practices, recent trends, proposed and new regulations and agency mandates, documents, policies, protocols and forms, implementation of laws and regulations, and content expertise. Tell me more

In-House Counsel

The In-House Counsel Interest Group encompasses all areas of health law with a particular focus on meeting the needs of in-house practitioners. Specifically, this IG focuses on examination of the varied backgrounds working as in-house counsel for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and payors. Tell me more