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Interest Groups

Membership in Health Law Section Interest Groups and Task Forces offers unlimited access to targeted substantive content and experts.

The main work of the Health Law Section is done through our Interest Groups (IGs) and Task Forces (TFs). These groups provide opportunities for participation by Section members, creating a forum for interaction and networking in the area of shared interest. The groups are broken down into three groups: 

  • Practice Area Interest Groups
  • Practice Area Task Forces
  • Educational /Outreach Interest Groups  
  • Networking & Engagement Interest Groups 

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We encourage all Section members to get involved in at least one Interest Group, but feel free to join as many as you wish!

Joining an Interest Group is a great way to get involved with issues that are important to you and relevant to your practice area. Whether you are corporte, government, non-profit, public policy, or private practice, the Health Law Section Interest Groups will keep you abreast of the changes in your law specialty.  Network with colleagues facing the same issues and challenges, and discuss pertinent and timely law cases as they happen.

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This new web-based platform is designed to make it easier for you to connect and collaborate with your peers, discuss important health law topics related to your Interest Group and Task Force preferences, and keep up-to-date about the latest member offerings. 

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Law Students and Young Lawyers Welcome

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Law students, those new to the practice of law, and seasoned young lawyers practicing, are invited and encouraged to become active participants in our Interest Groups. Membership offers you opportunities to gain leadership experience through becoming an Interest Group representative.  Notification of appointments are emailed to appointees for terms beginning at the time they are appointed through August 31. For more information about the opportunities available, click here .  To apply for a representative position, please email your letter of intent and a copy of your resume to [email protected]

Practice Area Interest Groups

Practice Area Task Forces

  • The ADR & Conflict Management in Healthcare Task Force is a resource for sharing best practices and content expertise with Health Law Section members where there is interest in developing conflict competency in healthcare settings. It collaborates with other ABA entities such as the Dispute Resolution Section on programming and other educational initiatives.
  • The Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals Task Force focuses on matters of interest to nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, paramedics, and related business entities such as home health agencies and ambulance services.
  • The Post-Acute Care Continuum (PACC) focuses on the many legal issues raised within this healthcare setting including facilities, home health agencies, assisted living, dementia and brain injury units, retirement community services, rehabilitations and restorative therapy, out-patient services, pharmacy, and hospice matters.

Educational Outreach Interest Groups

Supporting Legal Advocacy for Families in Crisis

Our Educational Outreach Interest Groups advance the Health Law Section’s commitment to public service by providing resources and information for community legal advocacy and pro bono activities. These activities are made possible through the generosity of our supporters.

  • The Cancer Legal Advocacy Interest Group provides resources and education on a wide range of legal issues related to the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Resources include a Cancer Legal Advocacy Workshops, a comprehensive training toolkit and advocacy guide, the Cancer Rights Law Textbook, and much more.
  • The Medical/Legal Partnership (MPLs) Interest Group promotes the development and support of partnerships between physicians, social services, and attorneys at hospitals and other health care facilities. It addresses the legal needs that negatively affect health conditions of individuals through education, support, resources and connecting volunteers with MLP projects. This Work Group is also working with the ABA Veterans Legal Services Commission to establish MLPs at VA medical facilities to help address the myriad of legal problems that affect the health conditions of our country’s active service personnel, veterans, and their families.
  • The Substance Use Disorders & Mental Health Interest Group fosters attorney and public participation in innovative programs in health care, alternative medicine, education, family dynamics, business and in the criminal justice system to address these conditions.  It promotes practices that support prevention, education, treatment, recovery and management of substance use disorders and mental health conditions, including the removal of legal barriers to successful addiction and mental health recovery; and access to and delivery of health care services at the state and federal levels.

Networking and Engagement Interest Groups

  • The Government Attorneys Interest Group provides networking and engagement opportunities, programs, publications, and online resources for lawyers whose practice and/or interests lie at the intersection of government and healthcare. Membership is comprised of Health Law Section members with an interest in or experience working with or for governmental healthcare entities on the federal, state, tribal, local, or territorial jurisdictional level. This IG serves as a resource for these attorneys by providing a mechanism for sharing best practices, recent trends, proposed and new regulations and agency mandates, documents, policies, protocols and forms, implementation of laws and regulations, and content expertise.
  • The In-House Counsel Interest Group encompasses all areas of health law with a particular focus on meeting the needs of in-house practitioners. Specifically, this IG focuses on examination of the varied backgrounds working as in-house counsel for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and payors.