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The Section continues to offer an evolving mix of complimentary Member Benefit and On-Demand webinars. Expand your knowledge and skills with our webinars that feature a variety of special guests and topics. 

New Final Stark Regulations

Head Start on What You Need to Know

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Preparing for Pandemics and Disasters: Emergency Preparedness Requirements

This webinar focused on the emergency preparedness Final Rule which was updated by CMS on September 30, 2019, and preparations for accreditation surveys under the updated Rule.

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Healthcare Sector COVID 19 Waivers—Impact on Operations and Valuations

VMG provides insight on the potential value considerations one should take when analyzing a business in the specific sub-industry.

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Bioethics Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Legal, Ethical and Medical Perspectives

Topics include special issues encountered in context of the pandemic, including duty to care, access to limited treatment resources, end of life decision making, confidentiality issues, and disparities in access to/outcomes of care.

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Qui Tam Cases: The Impact of the Granston Memo in Practice

This program discusses the Granston Memo and the factors DOJ considers when deciding whether to dismiss declined qui tam cases; the circuit split on the standard of review for motions to dismiss, and the reasons courts have provided in granting such motions.

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Reopening Safely in the Time of COVID-19: Guidance for Deciding Whether to Reopen and Legal Implications of Reopening

This program provides guidance and address legal implications for healthcare providers and health facilities considering whether it is safe for their practices to reopen.

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Virtual EMI 2020 On-Demand CLE

The Health Law Section invites you to take advantage of our On-Demand programs from our Virtual Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law ("EMI") 2020 Conference. Don't miss your opportunity to engage hot-button topics.

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