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Webinars and On-Demand

The Section continues to offer an evolving mix of complimentary Member Benefit and On-Demand webinars. Expand your knowledge and skills with our webinars that feature a variety of special guests and topics. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Litigation and Risk Management: Overcoming Obstacles

In this webinar, attendees will hear from leaders in the Health Care Section’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and other panelist who will discuss their personal experiences with diversity, equity, and inclusion in the healthcare litigation and risk management field, whether interacting with clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, and/or other professionals. The panelists will share their stories on issues they have encountered with hiring practices, client interactions, interoffice interactions, etc. The purpose of this webinar is to give insight into how diversity, equity, and inclusion (or the lack thereof) impacts a lawyer’s—who happens to be diverse—ability to be successful and the many ways to overcome those obstacles.

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Health Information Privacy Considerations in a Post-Dobbs World

As a result of the Dobbs decision, there has been a renewed focus on the privacy of health information on both the federal and state levels. This panel will explore HIPAA's Privacy Rule and OCR's post-Dobbs' announcement about what HIPAA does and does not require regarding health information disclosures. The panel will also discuss certain federal and state efforts to increase privacy protections, as well as what steps some private sector companies are taking to prevent the disclosure of certain health information. Finally, the panel will identify some ways individuals have been attempting to increase the privacy of and access to their health information.

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Investigations and Valuations: Mitigating Risk

Given the rise in federal and state investigations and audits of complex healthcare transactions, ensuring an appropriate valuation of recurring streams of revenue amongst referral sources is critical. The role FMV and commercial reasonableness of such arrangements can be an effective tool in rebutting allegations of fraud.

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What Is Health Law?

The “What Is” series is an interactive series of webinars designed for law students, young lawyers, and others seeking to learn more about a career in health law and the healthcare industry. These one-hour sessions are designed to introduce you to the fundamental nuts and bolts of this exciting and ever evolving area of the law.