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ABA policy on the Standing Committee for Group and Prepaid Legal Services.

The ABA Standing Committee on Group & Prepaid Legal Services consists of seven members who are appointed by the ABA President for three-year terms.  The committee has jurisdiction over matters relating to prepaid and group legal services.  In carrying out its functions, the committee shall: (1) monitor the growth of the group and prepaid legal services industry and recommend to the House of Delegates action to be taken in removing various regulatory and other barriers which may prevent the free market development of prepaid and group legal services; (2) encourage state and local bar associations to foster lawyer and public interest in prepaid and group legal services as an effective means of assuring that legal services are more widely available to moderate-income persons at reasonable cost in their jurisdictions; (3) provide a forum for discussion of statutory and overly restrictive ethical barriers which may prevent the participation of lawyers as providers of legal services for prepaid and group legal service plans in their jurisdictions; and (4) provide oversight of the and support to the American Prepaid Legal Services Institute and assist it in developing educational programs, publications and legislative activities aimed at carrying out Association policy in this area.

ABA Policy

August 1974

Support enactment of legislation providing tax exclusion from income of premiums paid to and benefits received from employer-funded prepaid legal services plans.

February 1983

Encourage development of prepaid legal service plans designed to make legal services available at reasonable cost.