January 16, 2015

Popular Threads 2014

December 2014

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Questions

Billing Rate for Different Matters

Funeral Etiquette

How Do You Handle Return Calls When Clients Screen the Call and Don't Answer their Phone?

Law Firm Naming

November 2014

iPhone Updates...should I?

LLC vs. S-corp: how do I get up to speed?

Need Checks Fast!

Serving Spanish-speaking Clients When You Only Speak Engilsh

Sorry, this time the ABA has gone too far....

Stand Up Desk Recommendations

What would be your top 3 motivational signs over your door (along with the meaning)?

October 2014

Dealing with Unhappy Clients

Disability and Wills

Judge Asks for Compromise

Luggage Cart to Hold Bankers Boxes

Reversion to Judgement

Unhappy Client

September 2014

Ethics Question – Fee Advances – IOLA Accounts

Lawyer Conundrum – Non-Compete

Pacer Stumper

Replacing MS's Antivirus Software

Sending Invoices

Tax Attorneys – Does 26 USC 6050P allow me to receive tax credits for unpaid bills (“charge-off” debts) from legal clients?

August 2014

Best Marketing Strategy for Solos…
Getting Clients through Those Doors!

Collecting from Deadbeat Lawyer

Friends as Clients? Yea or Nay?

How to Deal with Client’s Request for “Form Agreement”

Virtual Office – Do You Tell Your Clients?

July 2014

Include Client on All Emails?

Prefix “Attorney” before Name

Seeking Advice for Going Solo

Subleasing an Office in a Larger Firm

Virtual Receptionists

June 2014

Dropbox v. Box.net

How Do You Handle Losing?

IOLTA Accounts

iPhone 5s vs. Android (Samsung or Nexus)

When to State Fees

May 2014

Clients and Cell Phones

Do you hate the 1st of the month because of billing?

No-Brand Printer Parts and Toner

Off Topic – Child Discipline

What's the next big thing in lawyer marketing?

April 2014

Cell Phone Upgrade Time – Help!


Do You Tip Movers?

Passwords and Death

War on Footnotes?

March 2014

Anti-Virus, Security Software for a Mac

Client Asking for a Refund

Facebook Advertising

Help! Secretary improperly withdraws out of IOLTA

Yahoo Answers - Aiding & Abetting UPL?

February 2014

Associate’s Percentage of Originated Work

Donating Professional Services to a Silent Charity Auction

Folks Who Do Mostly Flat Fees

Music in the Office

Windows 7 or 8?


January 2014

iPad Air or Galaxy Note?

NYS Office Requirements/Virtual Offices

Potential Client and Unsolicited Documents

Proper Signature for an Affidavit

Securing Your Passwords

Trust Accounts - Cashing Check Made Out To Your Client