January 21, 2014

Popular Threads 2013

December 2013

Annual “What Did You Do to Cut Expenses?” Question

Attorney Referral Fees

A Client Balking at a Bill

Dealing with Loser Case When Client Won’t Settle

Firing a Client

Tricks for Networking with Groups of People You Don't Know!

What information do you put on your yearly promotional office calendars?


November 2013

Cheapest Way to Do Postage – Meter or Online Account?

The Future of Law – What’s It Going to Look Like?

IOLTA Withdrawal

New Attorney Salaries

Part-Time Jobs for Solos


October 2013

Do You Post Your Fees?

Email to Fax Services - Recommendations?

Fee or Free Consultations?

How to Fire an Assistant

How to Share a Video Too Big to Email?

Macbook Recommendations for Student


September 2013

Cash for Fee Payments

Criminal - Delivering the worst of news. Advice?

Deposition Garb

Hourly Billing Question

How do you handle the predators?

Initial Client Consultation by E-Mail


August 2013

Hourly Billing v. Work from Previous Client

How Do You Keep Your Office Organized?

How Many Square Feet of Office Space Do You Have?

Social Security Info Needed?

Working From Home and Caller ID


July 2013

Fee Dispute with Client

How to Optimize Cold Calling

Professional Conduct – Rule 4.2

Running Into Clients in Public

Some UPL Questions


June 2013

Financing for Solo Practice

How do you handle a pro se litigant that keeps misconstruing everything?

Saving Outlook Files to PDF

What is a reasonable fee for copies?

Wiping Old Laptop Hard Drives

Women's Bags for Laptops and Files


May 2013

Client Discount Expectations

Dragon Dictation Software

Electronic Digital Signature

File Management

Response to “I just need you to review my Nolo Willmaker docs”

Telling Shoppers Your Rates


April 2013

Advice for Repeat Bar Takers

Anyone using just a laptop in their office?

Deducting Mileage v. Charging Clients for Mileage

Do You Follow Up On No-Shows?

Going on a Cruise, Take a Laptop?

Mysterious Internet Time Delay


March 2013

Best Portable Scanner?

Law Firm Partnership Agreement?

PCs Flirting With You

Professional Courtesy v. Zealous Representation

Taking a Piece of a Client’s Business as Payment


February 2013

1099 Questions

Office Brilliance

A Third Person in the Attorney-Client Relationship

Verdict on Chromebook?

What are Your Best Practices for Reducing Invoices Based on Hourly Services?


January 2013

How Do You Tell a Colleague They’re Wrong?

Java Security Issues

Nolo.com Pay-Per-Lead

Practice v. Market


Wireless Headsets for Office Phones