May 30, 2019

Popular Threads 2012

Popular Threads 2012 


December 2012

Direct Deposit for Small Firm Payroll

Do You Need Fax Capability Anymore?


How Do You Keep Track of Passwords?

Independent Contractors / Legal Secretary


November 2012

Accepting Payments on Website

Do Solo PI Lawyers Often Advance Fees?

Holding on to that Last Bit of Reliable Low Tech Equipment

Job Title – Office Manager?

Opposing Counsel Stopped Responding


October 2012

Client Deposit into Trust Account?

Ethical Duty to a Client

The Myth of the Upper-Middle Class Lawyer

Recommended Hardware and Software for Computer Backup

Value Billing v. Flat Fee v. Hourly Rates


September 2012

Hiring on a Contract Basis

Organization of File Folders

People with Depression Can Be Successful

Spoliation of Evidence Letter

What to Call a Part Time Associate? Contract Attorney?


August 2012

Do You Keep Client's Wills? Why or Why Not?

How Do I Save a Handwritten Signature on My Computer?

How Do You Scan Estate Planning Documents?

Polite way of telling clients “You listen to ME, not your neighbor!”

Redacting In a PDF Document


July 2012

Best Router?

Client Satisfaction Survey

Macs or PCs in Your Law Office?

Shutting Off Central Air During Long Weekend

What Is SEO and Why Is It So Expensive


June 2012

Any Ideas When a Judge Just Doesn't Rule on Motions?

Military Suicide, ABA & Solos — A Challenge for You

PC (Potential Client) Asking for References??!

Pets in the Office

Putting Case Notes in the Cloud for Client Access

Three Sizes, Some Days


May 2012

Automating Citations in Legal Writing - Zotero?

Engagement Letters and Bill Payment Question

How to Dictate

Verbiage for Fee Agreement Regarding Destroying File and Only Maintaining Electronic Copy of File

What Title on Business Card for Long Term Associate?


April 2012

I Hate Staplers!

Phone / Text / Email Charges

Rate of Interest on Past Due Invoices

Thoughts about Allowing Comments on Your Firm Blog

Word (2010) Parallel Columns for Signature Blocks


March 2012

Best Credit Card for Business

Health Insurance – What’s A Solo to Do?

How to Calm Down a Client

I've Got Style -- Microsoft Word Styles That Is

Purchasing a New Printer – Need a Fast One!


February 2012

iPad vs Kindle Fire

Need an Acrobat Signature Stamp

Retainer Arrangements for Business / Corporate Work

What are Your Thoughts on Sites Like Legal Zoom?

Why Pro Bono is Good for Business


January 2012

New Plaque for the Office

Second Job


What’s Your Rent / Revenue Ratio?

Writer’s Block on a Contract