March 22, 2019

Popular Threads 2009

Popular Threads 2009


December 2009

Proving the Weather

Very Inexpensive Hardware

Of Counsel and Contract Attorney Relationships

Client Kvetches About His Other Attorney

Business Cards

November 2009

Reviewing Documents in Advance of First Meeting

Wife Cannot Come to My Office Before Will is Executed

Should I Upgrade this PC

Making Coffee

October 2009

Attorneys as Paralegals Redux

Any Way to Recover a Doc Not Saved

Best Way to Fire a Client

September 2009

Firearms Expert Witness

Domain Name Purchase

Maxtor 750G External HD

Perfect Wording For

Client Wants Refund

Warm Regards

August 2009

Church Bulletin Advertising

Company Refusing to Deal with Me as Representative of My Client

Do You Call Your No-Shows Back?

Firing My Assistant

How to Tell a Client You Can't Just "Edit" a Sample Contract for a Cheaper Fee?

July 2009

Help Me Say This Tactfully…

Informing Clients of Rate Increase

Location, Location, Location

Grammar Police

Time-Leeching Clients

June 2009

Patent Exam Advice

Is It Ethical for a Bar Association to Charge for Access to its Ethics Opinions?

How Do You Enter Your Time?

Cufflinks and Ties

Blocking a Portion of a PDF

May 2009

True Solos Using "WE" on Website

Polite Ways to Decline Bad Cases/Clients

Flat Fees

Making Solo Law Practice - One Lawyer/No Staff - More Productive

“Co-Counsel” vs. “Contract Attorney”

April 2009

Law Firm Charged Fees that Seem to be Administrative

Still Confused about Practice Management Billing

Tricks to print letterhead font/design in return address section on envelope

Rookie Question on Getting Paid

The Lawyer Letter

March 2009

Answering Service - Worth the Cost?

Do You Ever Ignore Phone Messages?

Any Ideas for a Little Extra Income?

Virtual Office - Spanish Speaking Receptionist

How Did You Learn to Litigate?

February 2009


Home Office - What Address on Business Cards?

Old Trust Balances

Does a Law Firm Need a Static IP Address?

How Does a Solo Take Overseas Vacation Time without Losing Business???

January 2009

Vonage For Telephone Service

Wills and Trusts Software Packages

IOLTA Credit Cards

Suing a Client For Fees, Part II

When Solos Get Sick

Suing a Client For Fees, Part I

Bar Preparation