March 22, 2019

Popular Threads 2007

Popular Threads 2007 

August 2007

Computers for Staff

The Search for Office Space Begins

What to Do When a Beneficiary Won't Pick Up the Check?

Email Announcements: Too Casual or Efficient?

Soaking the Phone in Alcohol

July 2007

Giving Legal Advice Without Telling Firm

Advice to a 1L

Protecting “Security” of Legal Documents

June 2007

Dealing With "I Just Have a Simple Question" Over the Phone

No-Frills Time & Billing Program

Advertising in the Obituary Section

Word & Metadata

May 2007

How Often Do You Bill?

CaseMap for Solos

Use of “Esq.” by Non-Lawyers

April 2007

Paralegal's Billable Hours

Have You Ever Played Hooky from Work, and If So, What Did You Do?

Networking Home Printer Wirelessly to Laptop

Question Regarding Formation of Legal Practice

March 2007

Did Law School Prepare You for Being a Solo?

Solo Just Out of Law School

February 2007

Phrases That Make You Flinch (Water Cooler)

Your First Client

January 2007

Affiliated Business Arrangements

How to Tell Your Clients You Work from Home

Billing Extra for Extra Work