March 22, 2019

Popular Threads 2006

Popular Threads 2006 


December 2006

Billing Low Bono Clients

Holiday Reading List

How Much $ Do Solos Earn?

Responding to Calls for Advice from Other Lawyers


November 2006

What is Solosez?

IOLTA Account at Same Bank as Operating Account

AGGGHHHH!!! When Your Hard Drive Goes Bad

Google Etiquette



October 2006

How Do You Start an IP Practice?

Billing Verbiage

Legal Services In A Charity Auction

Grammar: Scotus'(S) Deep Schism

Home Office People – Meeting With Clients

Law Offices of, Attorney at Law, or Esq.?


September 2006

How Long Must I Send Statements?

Timeliness – Give Me Some Advice!

Unauthorized Practice

Mac Users Only

3rd Party Acting as Gatekeeper for Potential Client

Sticker Shock Over Yellow Page Ad Costs


August 2006

Of § & ¶ Signs, Diacritical Marks and Other Neat Symbols

How Do You Start an IP Practice?

Accepting Credit Cards By Phone and Paypal

Firm Shirts [Water Cooler]

Billing Increments


July 2006

Should I Talk To The Press About A Pending Case?

Name For <<<Marks>>>

Google Calendar

How Do You Burn A Cd Of Your Files?

How Do You Deal With Anxiety Of Going To Court?


June 2006

Second Annual Official Solosez Haiku Competition

Digital Letterhead

Law Office Dress Codes

Using A Cell Phone As A Main Phone Line

Are Solo Attorneys Losers?


May 2006

[RANT] How Do You React When Asked to Lower Your Fee?

Summer Reading List

Virtual Office Strategies for Overseas Travel

Credit Card Fees


April 2006

MBA for a Solo?

(Off Topic) Dating...Who Pays?

Any Patent Attorneys Here?

Lawyer’s Obligations As An Employer?

Giving Away PC - How Best To Clean

Virtual Office Strategies for Overseas Travel

Summer Reading List


March 2006

What Is the Greatest Lawyer Novel of All Time?

Ways to Increase Income

What's In a Firm Name?

Answering the Phone

Stocks With Beneficiaries

Remote Access


February 2006

Internet Faxing

Online Business Card Sources

Banking for Solos and Small Firms  

Which is Best for Keeping Files -- Alphabetical by Client or by Case File Number?


January 2006

How Much Memory Do I Need?

Dealing With Clients’ Prejudices

Getting Rid Of Law School Debt Via Bankruptcy

Laptop Getting Slow

Fees For House Calls?