Popular Threads 2018

December 2018

Advice for Of Counsel Relationship

Do You Meet with Clients Who Bring Children with Them?

Members of the Press

New Laptop - Surface Book 2 or Other Recommendations?

Sharing Draft Docs with Client

November 2018

Copyright Protection for Recipes?

Is Post Judgment Interest Collectible on This Judgment?

Most Accurate Way to Measure Driving Distance

PO Box or Home Address

Unresponsive Clients

October 2018

Changes in Legal Services and the Practice of Law

Clients using Text more than Email?

Does Anyone Make Decent Money Representing Residential Tenants?

Limiting How Often You Check Email

What Parts to Add to a Litigation Engagement Agreement?

September 2018

Boomerang for Gmail (Continued)

Good SECURE Email System?

Grammar / Proofreading Software or App for Word

Ransom E-mail Message

What to Do When Client Starts cc-ing You on E-mails?

August 2018

Billable Hours

Boomerang for Gmail

Charging for Wiring of Funds for International Clients

Defendant's Unreasonable Demands for Dismissal Prior to Negotiations

Office 365 or Dropbox or…?

July 2018

File Cleaning

Password Managers

Printing a Fillable Form to PDF

Should My New Office Computer be an Apple?

Trustee Compensation

June 2018

Appearances Count in Court

Getting Reimbursed by Clients for Expenses

How Do You Charge for Trust Administration?

ISO Engagement Letter Language Re File Retention & Destruction

Label Printers

What Do You Consider a Good Faith Meet and Confer Effort?

May 2018

Folder Structure for Organizing Files

JPG Attachments

Two Regular-sized Monitors or One Really Big One?

UPSP “Informed Delivery”

What Happens When a Judge Dies Before Rendering a Verdict?

April 2018

Flat Monthly Fees / Alternative Fee Arrangements

Practice Panther

Provision in Retainer Agreement for Using Emails, Text Messages, and Cloud Computing

Role of Lawyer in High-Profile Case

Using a Tablet in Court

March 2018

Credit Card Language Surcharge for Retainer

“Govern Yourself Accordingly”

RANT - Prospective Freeloaders Trying to Use All Tricks to Get Free Legal Advice

Validate Parking for Opposing Counsel?

Varidesk Users?

February 2018

Is Receiving an International Wire Transfer Safe?

Monitoring if a Defendant / Judgment Debtor Has Died

RANT – “I Have Just a Quick Legal Question”

Recommendation for Bluetooth Headset for Smartphone

Recommendations for Antivirus Software

January 2018

Cameras in the Office

Completing PDF Forms

Mailed Envelope with No Postmark

Payment Options

A Solo Argues Before SCOTUS