December 18, 2017

Popular Threads 2017

December 2017

Can You Write a Happy Legal-Themed Story in 4 Words?

Don’t Talk to the Police!

Fired Client

The Importance of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Looking for Guidance on Dealing with a Client


November 2017

Holding a Free Legal Clinic

Password Apps or Other Methods of Password Collection

Raffling Legal Services

Respond to Inmate Correspondence?

Submitting Proposal for Legal Question


October 2017


Client Instruction Not to Scan Documents

Dual Monitor Problems

Reviewing Fee Agreements with Clients


September 2017

Civil and Criminal Background Check on Potential Employees

Dealing with Potential Client Who Wants Free Legal Advice

Dropping Cable

Retrieving Text Message from iPhone


August 2017

Hiring a Full-Time Paralegal - Would You Toss Resumes from New Attorneys and LLMs?

Getting a Bonus From a Client

Remote Access to a Computer: Good and Free

Pro Bono, Low Bono & Discounts


July 2017

Taking Collateral for Guaranty of Payment

Taking a Four Day Weekend

MS Surface as Primary Computer

Theory: Over time Cleints Have Become More Demanding

Client with Large Outstanding Invoice Files for Chapter 7


June 2017

Have I Created an Entitled Staff?

Independent Contractor Paralegal Contract

Yellow Pages

Appellate Gurus

Clients Who Demand a Response over the Weekend


May 2017

ToDoIst vs Wunderlist

Summer Books

Niche Practice - Do You Have One?

How Do You Stop Monday Morning Quarterbacking?

Things Clients Say

Volume Discount?


April 2017

Solicitation Calls on Cellphones Account

Polietly Telling Your Client "Stop Sending Emails to Third Parties About the Case"

We Do Not Accept Walk-Ins

Photo Release


March 2017

Paper For Estate Planning Docs

Talking to a Journalist

When to Take Credit Cards

If You Knew Then What You Know Now

LinkedIn is Dead. Enter "Facebook Pro"

Cool Things in Your Office and What Lawyers Collect


February 2017

Conference Call Vendor

Dealing with Pro Se Opponents

PI Attorney Charging Expenses in Advance

Office Chair

Roku or Chromecast or ???


January 2017

Litigation Folders on Your Computer

Mediators/Experts and Unpaid Bills

Scanning in and Using a Signature

How Have You Used Amazon Alexa in Your Practice

Keyboard for Lawyers