January 23, 2017

Popular Threads 2016

December 2016

Fountain Pens

Gifts for Clients

What is a True Solo

Thank You Gifts for Referring Attorneys

November 2016

Uber & Ethics

How Do You Calendar?

Word Formatting Help

Your Use of Amazon Echo?

Signature Block Question

October 2016

A $500 Desktop for Solo Practice

Objection! Asked and Answered

How Much Notice Do I Have to Give Opposing Counsel in Noticing a Deposition?

Word - Header/Footer Issue

Proper Way to Address Clients

September 2016

Help to Protect Attorneys?

Marijuana and Internet Videos

Payment Plans

Referral Fees

Thought – Service of Process by Email?

August 2016

Does a Plaintiff’s Case Taken on Contingency Change How a Defendant Litigates?

When a PC Asks for a Guarantee

Program to Generate Tables of Contents and Tables of Authorities

Emailing Opposing Counsel

Most Accurate OCR for PDF Tool?

July 2016

Best Piece of Advice Ever

Breaks During Deposition Before Answering Pending Question

Solo Becoming an Associate

Men's Suit Ideas

Depositing Settlement Checks Made Out to Firm and Client

June 2016

Earphone on Employee

Leaving A Small Firm

Criminal Curiosity Question: Waiver of Time

Rant Voicemail

Working From Home


May 2016

Logging off Samsung Galaxy Phone

Litigation Rules

Adobe Alternatives

Recommendations for Online Backup

Possible Circumvention of Contingency Fee

April 2016

Paying the Bills While Getting off the Ground

Legal Service Benefit Plans

Work for Rent Arrangements

Confidentiality Disclosure in Emails

Sending Out Bills Years Later

March 2016

Unpaid Fees & Methods of Collection

Postage Question for Those Doing Virtual Work

Creepy PC's

Associates – How Long do You Give them to “Learn”?

Working for Other Lawyers – Preview of Filings

February 2016


Looking at New Office Space

How Many Billable Hours for Solos

HP Printer Fonts

Threats Against Me Personally


January 2016

IOLTA Deposits from an Accounting Standpoint for the Client

Monitoring Kids

Do You Hold Regular Meetings with Attorneys and Staff

Contingency Fee Question

First Will Signing