December 16, 2015

Popular Threads 2015

December 2015

Tablet for Taking Handwritten Notes

Help with Sharpening Image of Key Document so That Text is Legible

PDF or Text Editable

Working Alone Remedy

Trial Brief Help


November 2015

How to Work with an Unresponsive Attorney

Solo Succession Question

Niche Practice Areas

Using Singular or Plural on Your Website

Device for Swiping Credit Cards to iPhone

Poll: Do it yourself or refer it out?

October 2015

Another Red Flag for Fans of the Cloud

PowerPoint Projection

POLL: Email v. Phones

When A Client Doesn't Hear "No"

September 2015

When A Client Doesn't Pay

What to Call "Inactive Bar Membership"

One Drive v. DropBox

Being Contacted for a Second Opinion

Returning Unused Retainer by Online Bank Transfer

August 2015

Counsel Requesting Copy of My Pleadings

Cryptowall Virus

Hiring Question

Old Certified Mail Forms Obsolete

Checklist for the Mechanics of Signing Estate Planning Documents


July 2015

Is It Time to Drop the Fax Alternative

Handling Phone Solicitors

Client Marks Every E-Mail Urgent

An Affordable Adobe Acrobat Pro Alternative

When Clients Want to Talk to Opposing Parties

June 2015

LawPay Credit Card Processing

Law Partner Compensation Alternatives

Do You List Your Fees on Your Website?

Computer Upgrade Question

Subscription Plans for Clients

Party Refuses to Sign Settlement Agreement

May 2015

Professional Courtesy

If You Could Ask Two Appellate Judges Anything

Pros and Cons of Home Office for Meeting Clients

Online Marketing Questions

The 4 Biggest Time-Saving Microsoft Word Features You’re Probably Not Using

Screen Capture

April 2015

Grammar Check Has

Graphics Inside of a Motion to Dismiss

Legally Blind and Will Execution

Maybe a Newsletter

Crypto Locker Virus

File Sharing with Clients

March 2015


Bow Ties

Billing For Text Messages

Multiple Monitors

Following Up with Cancellations or No Shows

February 2015

Saying No to Professional Courtesy 

Font-Cramming Best Practices for Maximum Words per Page

Google Voice Ease of Use

Time Management and Setting Boundaries for Pushy People

Will Software

January 2015

Expenses Charged To Clients

Staying Connected While Traveling in Italy

What Approach Do You Take with Expert Witnesses

Do You Bill for Writing Notes

How Far Down Do You Niche