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Something Is in the Water?

Ivan A. Boykin, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Zuleika K. Morales-Romero, Sarah Porter, Trachelle C. Young, and Louis "Jamie" Boston, Jr.

GPSolo Activate Diversity Series

Straight from the headlines and likely a community near you – Americans appear to be struggling with their water supply across the nation, particularly in poor Black and Brown communities. If you’re in California or Arizona, you're facing droughts or routine water conservation efforts/controls. If you’re in Flint, Michigan or Jackson, Mississippi, you question whether you can even drink the water, and if you work in the government or for the water company, you’re confronted with how to serve the customers amid a myriad of complex financial and infrastructure issues. So, what do we all do? 

Well, please join us to learn from panelists who can speak directly to all these water issues. Specifically, the panelists will examine multiple facets of the water crisis. For example, is there an actual crisis? If so, what's the extent of it? Where is it occurring? What are the different perspectives concerning the water crisis as they relate to business, government, academia, and environmental advocacy? Can the crisis be fixed, and if so, how? The panel will also delve into deeper questions like whether the water crisis is the result of strategic action(s), neglect, incompetence, or all the above.

This is not a discussion for just some, this is an ALL-people issue – we ALL need water!

Co-Sponsors: Ohio State Bar Association