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Lead by Example

Ann Jenrette-Thomas, DeRay Mckesson, Edward Ahmed Mitchell, Adrienne Nelson, Bobby Wilson, and Janaan Hashim

GPSolo Activate Diversity Series

Sparked by the 2020 social injustices, this culminating Diversity event examined the past, reviewed the present, and planned for the future. 

A Poem by Bobby Wilson

Transcribed from the video recording by ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division 

Look at you.

Look! At! You! 

First day of school, look in your eyes.
Finally got a view of that tabletop, did ya?
Tell me, what color is the runner?

Seems like everybody knows everybody up here.
So, where are you supposed to sit?
Or maybe just stand.

They always play that damn anthem.
Pledge allegiance to red and white and blue
And all those goody two-shoes with their hands on their hearts
finger snaps for everybody on one knee
better find your seat.

And the ones in the back
Well look at you
Too cool to stand a knee.
Believe me, I know the feeling.
Exhausted, with the team sports
But the bench has been given me sores,
And we're getting too old to do nothing.

Look at you.
Aspiration made action,
and this table is big enough for all of us.

Strange about the table, though
It’s carved so beautifully.
Legs like Roman pillars in their prime
Carved with care and craftsmanship.
Took over 500 years to make this thing.
Each hand made improvements as they saw fit for their time.
Wood made from clear cut mothers.
Gallows from our fathers.
Lacquered in afterbirth.
There's claw marks underneath.

But you know that, don't you?

We just want to see the appetizers.
But damn look at you,
Digging into a hot meal
I’m beaming with pride, no bullshit, I mean it.

Sister, Mother, Uncle, Brother!

You closed your eyes when you got there,
Without fear though.
You knew what was there and so you bowed your head in reverence,
And pledged to do something better.
And I thank you for remembering where you are.