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Book Proposal Submission

The ABA is a well-respected publisher that is known for providing attorneys with trusted legal resources. The ABA has the publishing staff in place to professionally publish and market legal books. If you are interested in becoming an author for the ABA, or if you have a topic that would make a great ABA book, please complete our Book Proposal Form.

Here are some helpful documents that provide advice for how to write and publish a successful book:

For questions, please reach out to Lorraine Murray 312-988-6004 or [email protected]. Read on below for more tips!

How to be an ABA Author

Have you ever wanted to write a book for the ABA? Watch this video to hear Melanie Bragg, Rick Paszkiet and Cynthia Sharp as they review the process from coming up with an idea to using your book to market yourself. Other topics covered include creating a proposal; writing a legal book; demystifying the peer review process; and marketing your book to ABA members and other organizations.

Write an Article

Approximately 20,000 GPSolo members want to hear from you! GPSolo eReport includes articles geared toward solo and small firm lawyers on substantive areas of the law. Law Students and Young Lawyers are also encouraged to submit articles on topics of interest to this demographic. Articles are not intended to be technical in any manner. Footnotes are DIScouraged. Rather, articles are intended to be a helpful tool for day-to-day issues as well as unexpected cases. Additionally, an article could simply be a checklist to reference when working on a case. Please follow these helpful tips:

  • Articles should run between 750 and 1500 words.
  • You can submit an article that was published previously.
  • Avoid self-promotion.
  • Articles are due before the 10th of each month.
  • Send your submission as a Word attachment.
  • Be sure to include all of your contact information.

Send your article today to:

Rob Salkin
ABA Publishing
[email protected]
(312) 988-6076

If we accept your article, you will have to sign a release that allows the ABA to publish it.


Although articles in issues of publications of the ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division refer to numerous products and manufacturers by name, neither the ABA nor the ABA Divisions endorse non-ABA products or services; reference to such products or services should not be so construed.