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Book Review: LinkedIn® Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition, by Marc W. Halpert

Reviewed by Cynthia Sharp

Novice and veteran LinkedIn users alike will benefit from Marc W. Halpert’s latest book: LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition, recently published by the ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division. [Cynthia Sharp’s review of the first edition was published in GPSolo eReport, February 2018, vol. 7, no. 7.]

Building on the wisdom and advice shared in the first edition (published in 2017), Halpert delivers an expansive yet approachable guide for lawyers who wish to strategically create a strong online brand, develop relationships, and ultimately attract clients via LinkedIn.

Beginning at the End

While it may seem unconventional to read the appendices of a book before digging into the main chapters, that’s exactly what I was motivated to do based on the topics covered.

Appendix 1, entitled “Emotional Intelligence and LinkedIn: Essential Skillsets for Professionals,” provides 13 credos designed to help you create an intentional brand. A suggested action that readers can take immediately is: “Imagine that you are reading your own profile from the POV of a casual prospect. Are you authentically attractive, or are you dull, factoidy like the competition?”

Naturally, I was intrigued by the title of Appendix 2: “Ikigai Can Guide You to Develop and Express WYDWYD.” A cornerstone of Halpert’s LinkedIn strategy is to focus on exploring and then communicating “why you do what you do” (WYDWYD). In this appendix, he explains how tenets of the Japanese philosophy Ikigai can help us in getting closer to our “why” by reflecting deeply on “what you love, what the world needs, what you can be compensated for, and what you are good at.”

Perspectives of Guest Authors

In addition to sharing his own knowledge in the marketing arena, Halpert has drawn on the expertise of others. He includes a guest chapter by Sandra Bekhor outlining how to use LinkedIn as an integral part of any professional firm’s marketing and branding strategy. Practical step-by-step advice is given on how to meet new people online and then convert them into offline relationships—especially while we continue to face challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Mindful of the attorney’s obligation to comply with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the author includes a guest chapter by Carol Schiro Greenwald devoted to an analysis of ethical guidelines. The potential impact of Model Rules 1.6, 1.9, and 1.18 on marketing content is discussed. The detailed analysis of Model Rule 7.2 and LinkedIn may prove useful as attorneys review their social media platforms to ensure compliance with current rules—which should be done on a periodic basis.

Readers hoping to get on the radar of recruiters will be introduced to an insider’s perspective. Guest chapter contributor Lori Frybergh reveals that, by and large, recruiters look for candidates with the right skill set by entering keywords into a Boolean search. “This means that you want to make sure important keywords show up somewhere on your profile.” Although this concept may seem simple, it is apparently not easy. In my own review of LinkedIn profiles, I have seen far too many lawyers whose profiles are woefully incomplete and do not reflect their awards and achievements. All professionals, including those not seeking employment, can improve their online visibility by implementing the recommendations made by Frybergh throughout her chapter.

Interested in More Information?

To get the full benefit of Halpert’s creativity and insight, be sure to read the entire book. Information on how to order is provided below. Those who read the first edition released four years ago will appreciate this expanded and updated edition.

Marc is in demand as a speaker and podcast guest because of his vast knowledge as well as his passion for helping all professionals leverage the power of LinkedIn. Many of his content-rich interviews are readily available, and listeners will pick up suggestions that can be easily implemented.

LinkedIn(R) Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition

LinkedIn(R) Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition

LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition

By Marc W. Halpert
ISBN: 9781641058636
Product Code: 5150525
2021, 252 pages, paperback
$49.95; member price $39.96

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