January 19, 2021 3 minutes to read ∙ 600 words

Diversity in the Law: Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion for Lawyers of Color, Part 1

By Ann Jenrette-Thomas

Reprinted with permission from Legal Executive Institute, May 4, 2018, www.legalexecutiveinstitute.com. © 2021 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.

Self-promotion is tricky for everyone. Do it too often or too aggressively, and it turns people off. Don’t do it enough, and you foreclose opportunities. It is not easy and, there are added challenges that lawyers of color face when we try to promote ourselves.

In this two-part blog series, I will examine these challenges and offer tips on how lawyers of color can master the art of self-promotion in ways that help them advance their long-term career goals. Remember, you deserve to be recognized for your accomplishments, and that recognition begins with you!

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