February 17, 2021 4 minutes to read · 1000 words

Estate Planning Lessons from Prince, Chadwick Boseman, and Kobe Bryant

By Katie A. Lepore

Without a doubt, 2020 was a rough year, and 2021 is off to a rocky start. The deaths of celebrities during these times are well known, and I am saddened that so many others have died due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the hearts of fans around the world break at the news of their favorite celebrities’ passing, their deaths can serve as a teaching moment for your estate planning clients. By using the real-world examples of these familiar pop-culture figures, you can hold the attention of your clients and help them understand how an estate plan (or lack thereof) could affect their own future. Below are the stories of three celebrities’ estate plans, along with the lessons you can pass along to clients so they do not make the same mistakes. This article focuses mostly on the laws in California, my home state.

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