August 20, 2020 5 minutes to read ∙ 1100 words

Tapas: How to Look Your Best on Zoom

By Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

It appears that most of us will continue in the COVID mode for the foreseeable future.

It also appears to us that even after the COVID crisis ends, we will live with changes in the way we practice law and the way we interact with family and friends. We predict that one of those changes relates to the use of videoconferencing. In the COVID era we have learned to use and depend on videoconferencing for all manner of things, ranging from conversations with friends and families, to client conferences, to court appearances, to mediations and arbitrations. We have not yet tried a case to a judge or jury on video, but the technology exists, and we have considered the possibility. We would anticipate that a court trial by video will happen first and prove more easily managed, but once that happens jury trials may not be too far behind.

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