October 28, 2019 6 minutes to read ∙ 1500 words

TAPAs: Protecting Against Power Surges

By Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

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We like to take our advice pointers from real-life events and risks. For those of you who did not know it, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) shut off power to an estimated 2 million people in Northern California this week to reduce the risk of starting a wildfire owing to climate conditions and questionably adequate maintenance by PG&E of its lines. One of the authors (Jeff) had personal experience with the shutdown as PG&E cut the power to his house/office. We expect that more or similar events will occur in and out of California as a result of similar conditions, likely aggravated by issues relating to climate change or global warming (yes, President Trump’s assurances notwithstanding, we believe in the reality of global warming and the fact that it will induce many changes in how we interact with the environment). The purpose of this paragraph is to lay a foundation for this issue’s tips and advice, not to make a political statement or to create an environmentalist manifesto; so let’s identify the problems and talk about how to deal with them.

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