November 18, 2019 5 minutes to read · 1200 words

Mindfulness 101: Me-gotiations and Going to the Balcony

By Scott L. Rogers

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As I write these words, it is a few hours before dawn, and I am deciding whether to head to the beach for my morning practice or take a crack at writing this month’s column. This is an internal negotiation, representative of the countless such negotiations we have with ourselves each day. We could call these “me-gotiations.” It takes only a few moments reflection to realize that, indeed, life is a series of internal negotiations, one after the other. Get up or press the snooze button? Accelerate or let the pushy driver in? Check an incoming text or keep your eyes on the road? Listen or interrupt? Finish the memo or exercise? Go to bed or check the news? Endless. And this doesn’t include the perpetual series of negotiations we have with other people.

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