May 22, 2019 Practice Management

Mindfulness 101: Mindful of Our True Nature--Moving into Summer

By Scott L. Rogers

The practice of mindfulness is generally considered and taught as a sitting practice where one:

  1. Sits in an upright and stable posture,
  2. Rests attention on the breath, and,
  3. When one realizes the mind has wandered,
  4. Returns attention to the breath.

While this form of practice is easy to learn and useful, it is but one of many. Understanding a unifying quality that flows across all forms will deepen an understanding of mindfulness, enlarge the opportunities to practice, and clarify common misconceptions. In this month’s column, I share a mindful movement practice drawn from the Taoist tradition known as QiGong (Chi Gong), which is grounded in the elements of nature. As summer approaches and you find yourself outdoors, this practice may be especially refreshing.

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