December 09, 2019 4 minutes to read ∙ 800 words

TAPAs: Using Technology to Improve Your Writing

By Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene

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Lawyers work with words, both orally and in writing. Although we can have some sympathy for those who make grammatical or structural errors while speaking, we have little sympathy for similar mistakes in writing. Simply put, when you send a letter, file a brief, or provide a memorandum to a client, you have the time and the opportunity to make sure that your document reads well and that you have employed appropriate grammar in structuring your comments. Surprisingly, many attorneys do not pay as much attention as they should to their oral presentations or their written work. Accordingly, we find (to our chagrin) too many instances where things slip by that should not. In this month’s column we will offer some tips to help you improve your final product.

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