April 23, 2019 TECHNOLOGY

Product Note: AirPods

By Nicole Black
AirPods 2. Courtesy of Apple

AirPods 2. Courtesy of Apple

When Apple announced the release of AirPods in 2016, I was one of the many skeptics. I saw no need for silly-looking wireless earbuds; the wired ones I had were quite fine, thank you very much. And my wired earbuds looked normal, with wires that ensured my earbuds didn’t get lost when they fell out of my ear. Never mind the fact that my earbuds had never actually fallen out of my ears. It was an unlikely risk I was unwilling to take, so I never even looked into the possibility of getting a pair of AirPods.

Fast-forward to last summer, when I was talking to two colleagues of mine, both of whom mentioned how much they loved their AirPods. I expressed skepticism, and they both assured me that I had to get a pair—that they would be life changing. Life changing! I was intrigued by this grandiose promise, so I decided to buy a pair and prove them wrong.

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