November 20, 2018 Practice Management

Mindfulness 101: Mindfulness and Clutter

By Melanie Bragg

Mindfulness is a multi-faceted practice with many prongs and activities to do as you move toward enlightenment and living in a state where you have substantially less stress and more time to enjoy your life. We have discussed rituals, meditation, spending time each day reading uplifting content, exercising—even if it is just 15 to 20 minutes a day, the benefits will pile up quick—nutrition, and the need to get proper rest. I hear complaints on my many Texas Facebook groups about all kinds of lawyers having problems on all these fronts. I try to stick in my mindfulness information about energy management, but sometimes I feel people would just like to complain, groan, and then go on, work long hours, ignore the family, eat the wrong foods, drink too much, then have horrible sleep, with stress and worry keeping them up all night. I seriously read about these young lawyers venting on Facebook, but no one really seems to want solutions. We do have a profession in crisis.

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