February 08, 2021

Send Us Your Technology Questions!

We want to make the GPSolo eReport more interactive and help our members even more with their technology problems. Starting with the June 2018 issue, we will add a new technology column to the eReport. The column will provide space for our crew of technophiles and technologists to publish responses to your technology questions.

If you have a technology question, please forward it to Managing Editor Rob Salkin (robert.salkin@americanbar.org) at your earliest convenience. Our response team will select the questions for response and publication. Our regular response team includes Jeffrey Allen, Wells H. Anderson, Ashley Hallene, Al Harrison, Nerino J. Petro Jr., and J. Anthony Vittal; we may, from time to time, have guest authors. We will publish submitted questions anonymously, just in case you do not want someone else to know you asked the question.

Please send in your questions today!


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